Thursday, September 27, 2012

...another short story about love.

It would never work between them, could never work. As their parents tried to tell them, they were from two different worlds…

He was a centaur, she a mermaid. But they didn’t let this stand in the way of their love, preferring to focus instead on the things, and there were many, that they did have in common rather than those things that made them different.

Oh, their parents didn’t approve, but it was the twenty-first century and they weren’t about to allow stodgy family traditions to keep them from a lifetime of happiness together. Ultimatums were made, elopements threatened, and in the end their engagement was, if not embraced, accepted.

It was a beautiful ceremony, the two of them making their way down the aisle, him along the beach and her through the surf. Even the most traditional among their family had to admit that much, at least.

And yes, their life together would bring it’s own challenges. However much they loved one another, they could never be together for long without one or the other suffocating, and children, for obvious reasons, would remain forever beyond the realm of possibility. Yet still, knowing all this as they did, they pledged themselves to one another for a lifetime.

Because that’s what love is.

It’s the willingness to see the problems the life you wish to spend together may yet cause, but still prefer them to being without that one person who completes you.

And so, hand in hand in shoulder-depth water, they were wed. Centaur and Mermaid, husband and wife.

And if they can make love work, maybe we can still hope not to fuck it up in our own lives…


  1. Maybe so indeed!

    And yet I can't help but imagine what their home together would entail.

  2. I'm pretty sure this is where seahorses come from!