Sunday, September 23, 2012

No Sunday Story?!?!?!??!

Due to there being no episode of 100 Word Stories Sunday prompt episode this week due to lack of a host (get better, Laurence!) There is no Sunday prompt story this week. Very sad. Instead, he said, seamlessly segueing, why not check out my new ebook?

On October 5th of last year, the escalators at West Edmonton Mall shut down simultaneously due to what was believed to be a series of mechanical failures, stranding thousands on the second floor. By the time a rescue operation could be organized and mounted, nearly everyone on the mall’s upper level had been killed, and to this day few people, if any, understand what really happened during the period when that area of the mall was cut off from the rest of the world.

My name is Christopher Munroe, and this is the story of what happened to me. This isn't the whole story of what happened at West Edmonton Mall that horrible day, but it is my story. This is the story of the people I met, the things I had to endure, and the lengths I went to, to survive... a broken escalator.

Broken Escalator is a surrealist horror novel by Christopher Munroe, where mechanical failure spirals quickly out of control and human nature is discovered to be by turns nobler and more brutal than anyone could imagine. Or at least, than anyone would like to admit…

Available, to those of you who didn't already know, via Smashwords even as we speak, and other eBook retailers and in audio soon. Check it out!


  1. I'm listening to this from right now. I'm on episode 3 and wondering how you carry the material through ten more episodes, but I remain faithful since I somewhat doubted you could carry it this far when I started.

    Is there a place you've shared more of your thoughts on the book that I could read or hear? Do you intend it as an absurdist farce of human nature or commentary on our amazing capacity for stupidity or a laugh at people's ability to work much harder than necessary to achieve a goal that's right in front of them?

    Regardless, it's fun and funny and if I'm blessed with $5 by the time I finish it, they will be yours.


  2. I've yet to start a discussion post about it anywhere, but you're right, I really ought to, on Goodreads or some such. There's absolutely a tongue in cheek element to it, you're right. I started with the goal "use survival horror tropes in a setting where they don't really belong" and, though I think by the time I finished it'd developed into more than that, the undercurrent of absurdity is still one of the more dominant elements.

    Glad you like it, at any rate! And thanks for sticking with my admittedly insane premise!