Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Prompt Story: Space

...on an unrelated note to this Sunday's story, a different drabble I've written, "You Can't Go Home Again," is appearing on this week's episode of the Drabblecast. You should also check that out!

...and here's this week's story:

By Christopher Munroe

Know what trope I miss? Attaching “Space” to things to make them more future-ey.

Writers used it for a good long while! People would take space-ships to space-stations, change into space-suits and space-walk to the spaceport. It was cheesy, I’ll grant you, but it had a certain space-charm.

Space = Future fell out of fashion once people started actually going to space, I think. But we’ve built awesome robots to send in our place now, so I think “Space” is due for a space-comeback. Who’s with me?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my space-story. Now: I’m off to eat my space-lunch.

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