Thursday, September 13, 2012

...the Last Thing You Want to See While Dying of Thirst

After days in the desert, he was out of water, hopelessly lost, and suspected he’d die there, alone.

Then he saw her.

Not beautiful, exactly, but striking, even from a distance. She stood atop a nearby dune, singing and rapping.

Something about a starship.

He ran then, and when he could no longer run, he crawled. Surely, she’d have water, transport to civilization, some way of contacting help.

But by the time he reached the spot she’d been, she’d moved to the top of the next dune…

He died of dehydration fourteen hours later, still deliriously chasing that Nicki Mirage.


  1. To have to die to the beat of starships that fly, does sound pretty torturous.