Thursday, November 21, 2013

Forced Focus (NaNoWriMo part IV)

I’ve been chained to my computer most of the month.

Like, literally chained.

Police-grade handcuffs link me to it, and I’ve given away the key. It will be returned to me once I’m finished NaNoWriMo, but until then wherever I go, my laptop must go too.

Do I want to eat out? Why not? So long as I bring the laptop and work while I do.

A walk? Sure! But the laptop comes, just in case I sit down for even a moment.

Some wild, “House Party” style house party? I’m not sure, I may have to opt out. My laptop might get damaged.

It’s been an interesting method, so far, of staying focused, and I’ll admit, I’ve learned a lot over the course of the experiment.

For example: Police-grade handcuffs are a lot more expensive than you might think…

…best investment I’ve ever made.


  1. ...also, for the record, done my NaNo draft as of tonight!

  2. well first of all congrats on finishing your draft! Love the idea of actually attaching oneself to the computer during this month, but we mind as well have been. Blessings and have a great weekend!

  3. Not a bad idea, really. I'd get a lot more done. (I hate trying to work on a chromebook or tablet. Gotta be a good-sized laptop.) Plus, if it was cuffed to me I wouldn't have to worry about losing it. Hmmm...sounds better and better....