Thursday, November 28, 2013

Aftermath (NaNoWriMo Part V)

I’m not sure I even remember who I used to be.

At some point, everything just sort of fell by the wayside, friends, hobbies, interests. I used to have a girlfriend. Do I still have a girlfriend?

I really ought to look into that.

I’ve never been more checked-out at work in my life, it’s a wonder I’ve still got a job.

But moreover, I’ve watched myself, the part of me that I consider Me, chipped away, piece by piece, judged and found unnecessary to the task at hand, until all I have left, all that I am, is hands on a keyboard, eyes on a screen, and the worlds I’ve created inside my own mind.

Worlds of words, in which I am the undisputed master.

Because I’m done. I’m finished my draft.

Thirty-one days, fifty thousand words.

A victory well earned.

And now: To try and pick up the pieces of my shattered social life and psyche, and see if I can put them back together again…

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