Thursday, April 16, 2015


Nothing in this world is more important than friendship.

Your friends, after all, your true friends, are the ones you’ll need through your life, the ones who’ll always be there for you, the ones you can truly count on. And that’s a valuable thing, perhaps the most valuable thing in the world.

That’s the power of friendship.

I know who my best friend is, for example, because he gave me a kidney.

It wasn’t his, and I didn’t need a kidney, and the less we think about where he got it the better off we’ll be, but still, it was an incredibly thoughtful gift. And nicely wrapped, to boot.

Wetly wrapped, soggily really, but nicely.

And it was wonderful to receive, very much appreciated. I still have it, mounted to my wall as a conversation piece.

A profoundly disturbing, probably illegal conversation piece.

I can’t take it down.

I wouldn’t want him to think I didn’t appreciate his gift, after all.

I wouldn’t want him to think I don’t value his friendship.

After all, the man harvests kidneys…


  1. Wouldn't it be easier to simply move or join the Witness Protection Program? I mean, with friends like that...

    Funny and disturbing, as per usual! Nice. :D

  2. Ewww LOL, I think I'd have to do the same thing. Seems like someone who could do that could hack through any witless protection barriers given enough time....

  3. Keep your friends close, as they say....