Friday, April 3, 2015

Convention Plans

I intend to organize, in the near future, a gathering of like-minded Trekkies for a weekend-long celebration of the second, and best, of the Star Trek films. Over the course of the weekend the film will be shown, its fans can meet and greet one another, a cosplay contest will be held and forums on topics related to the making of the film will be well attended.

Shatner will be there. So will Takei.

While this is occurring in the convention hall, a Trek-themed fairground, complete with carnival rides, roller coasters, a ferris wheel and what have you, will be taking place in what outdoor space is available. It is here that the Chili cook-off will take place, with free meals at all hours of the day for any attendees who might find themselves hungry.

And then on Sunday, to cap things off, a kick-line of French dancers, each in a sexy replica of a Star Trek bridge-crew uniform, will perform an interpretive dance in tribute to the film. It will be magical.

I will charge $50 for a weekend pass and everyone will agree that, considering the amount of entertainment that I’m claiming will be available, this price is very reasonable. Tickets will quickly sell out.

Then I will take all the money raised, put it in my pocket and, quietly, skip town, never to be seen again.

THIS is my Wrath of Khan Con Con-Carne Carnie Can-Can Con, and my hope is that people will be amused enough by the bit not to notice that I’ve robbed them…

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  1. Ha! Maybe they won't mind being robbed once they hear the punchline, huh? Very clever piece, Christopher.