Thursday, January 29, 2015

Idea for a Tumbler

Step One: Join a dating website. Doesn’t matter which one.

Step Two: Post photos of a conventionally attractive catalogue model and claim that it’s you.

Step Three: When dudes start sending you unsolicited dick pics, which they absolutely will, post them to, which I just checked and yes, it IS available, with amusing dick pic related captions. Then, send back a link to the gent who thought his junk would impress you so, and watch him melt down.

Fireworks will assuredly fly.

Now, I know there are some ethical concerns here, and you’re not wrong to bring them up, this is an unconscionable and absolutely inappropriate invasion of privacy, and it’s grossly irresponsible at the very least for me to even suggest such a thing. Whether you take me up on this plan is your business, between you and your conscience, but if you DO need a way to ease the obvious ethical concerns that this plan, let me say: Anyone who gets angry enough to trace the pictures will quickly learn that you’re using a stock photo of a conventionally attractive catalogue model, and won’t for a moment believe she’s actually the one running the tumbler. At worst she’ll get a little negative publicity but go about her life, barely aware that this has happened.

So you see, your concerns are unfounded, she’ll be fine. But sweet of you to worry.

And as far as the privacy of the guys sending unsolicited dick pics to people on the internets, I think we can all agree that fuck those guys…


  1. Awesome! I don't know why some guys think that ANYONE, especially an attractive woman, would want to see a picture of their junk.

  2. Sort of a 21st century twist on a slam book.

  3. This, coupled with last week's story, has me a little worried about you, Chris. :) Great job!