Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Some dreams aren’t meant to come true.

I dream of power, and it’s exercise unburdened by conventional morality. I dream of bending the world to my will, of having it’s “leaders” bow before me as their rightful master. Of uniting humankind, if only to serve at my pleasure.

Cody Jamison has simpler dreams. Dreams of growing old with his wife, of watching his newborn son graduate, of weddings, grandkids and life’s simple pleasures.

Dreams of a world in which giant robots don’t rampage through the streets of major cities.

But, as I said, some dreams aren’t meant to come true.


  1. oh, I do love the ones that give me maniacle giggle fits

  2. Sad.

    Nice endeavour! Keep it going.

  3. thanks! always glad to get feedback on these things, it lets me know people actually read 'em :)

  4. Nice one, awesome narrative and visuals for something only 100 words. your narrator, she is on a roll with the recordings recently so msmica keep it up. The story got posted to dribble twice though so . . .double the drabble, double the fun!