Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Thoughts on Star Wars (Part 2)

To those of you flipping out about Star Wars: The Force Unleashed spoilers:

A young person, living on a desert planet, who wants a simple life is contacted by a droid who brings with it the call to adventure. She follows that droid, who leads her to an older character, who in turn tells her of the force.

Then, the young person, older character, droid and probably some kind of rogue/fugitive that they meet along the way go on a galaxy spanning mission, trying to stop a black armored sith lord and highly ranked imperial officer from, and I’d actually happily bet you a beer on this, building a Death Star.

X-Wings and Tie Fighters, or their modern equivalent, dogfight and, in the end, using the force, the young person will carry the day and the Death Star will be destroyed, ensuring the safety of the galaxy.

But for how long?

These films aren’t complicated, is what I’m saying. Enjoy them for what they are, but try not to worry about spoilers, because you’ve known what was going to happen, beat by beat, in this movie before J.J. Abrams even finished shooting.

Search your heart: You know this to be true.


  1. Nail. Head.
    Also my son asked me to tell you, "The Force is strong with this one."