Wednesday, July 1, 2015

And then it was Canada Day...

…and across the country we celebrated. From sea to shining sea, we stood on guard for thee, and for one day out of the year we were at our most Canadian.

I was no different, I can happily admit I was as caught up in the magic of what formerly was Dominion Day as anyone. The sound of the crowd has an effect on me that is both well documented and undenied. Over the course of Canada day I did all of the following:

I apologized. Constantly.

I promised I would do things to help the environment.

I did not do things to help the environment.

I was a smug dick to Americans, particularly on the subjects of health care and the democratic process...

…and, through it all, the hits of Kim Mitchell played in my headphones. On repeat, again and again, to set the mood.

Because we, as a nation, are never more Canadian than when we are listening to Kim Mitchell.

No other country would ever in a million years put up with that….

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