Friday, June 5, 2015

My Weekend Plans

The weekend has come and, for the life of me, I find myself torn.

I’ve not yet seen the Entourage movie, you see, but so too have I to date missed Human Centipede III. Given that I work evenings, I only have a realistic chance of catching one or the other, and tough decisions must therefore be made.

In one film, lips are firmly, permanently attached to the ass of a person only a little ways ahead, seemingly never to be removed, as all are imprisoned at the whim of a screaming madman, trapped in a system beyond either their understanding or control. This movie sucks, it goes without saying, a whole lot of ass.

In the other, a centipede is made out of the still living bodies of humans.

Would I like to see both? No, no clearly I would not. Given my druthers I would watch neither, but there are times when my druthers are not to be had, and as such I must watch at least one, and to that end tough choices await me as I decide which one it shall be…


What do you mean I DON’T have to watch at least one?

Both films are purely optional? Really?

You don’t say…

Well, that solves that problem for me, I suppose. Perhaps I’ll go to karaoke this weekend…

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  1. Karaoke might arguably be just as unpleasant, depending on who participates! :)