Thursday, June 26, 2014


I’ve kidnapped a stranger and brought him back to my lab, in order to intentionally traumatize him for my own personal entertainment.

Yes, I know, again.

Realistically, half the blame is yours. I mean, this is by no means the first time I’ve told you people about something like this. I’ve been an open book about my life and each new monstrous thing I’ve done has been dutifully reported back to you. You have done nothing to stop me, in spite of each story I’ve written in this vein, and as such yes, you are as responsible for traumatizing this person to near-insanity as I am, in spite of the fact that I was the one actually torturing him.

Tho’ yes, it was me torturing him.

The specifics of how? I thought you’d never ask!

Upon kidnapping him, I brought him back to my lab, strapped him into a chair, held his eyes open with Clockwork Orange style mechanisms and forced him to watch video of horrific, violent acts, the sort that no human being should ever be made to witness. I forced him to do this for thirty-six hours at a stretch, unrelentingly, without any moment of relief, without the possibility of sleep or respite. I did this until his fragile human mind broke in such a way as to never be put back together.

And, as I did, I forced him to listen to Chic’s 1978 hit “Le Freak”. I put it on repeat, over the course of the thirty-six hours he listened to it a total of three hundred ninety six times. More than enough to cause him to forever associate it with the most emotionally torturous experience he ever has, or ever will, go through.

For the rest of his life, he will associate that song with traumatic imagery and emotionally painful events. The song will, unbidden, bring him feelings of primal, fight-or-flight style terror, terror that he will be unable to control, terror that will make him its slave.

Funk chords will play and he will go white.

Bass will begin and his knees will shake.

And when a woman’s voice sings “Freak out!”, rest assured, he will.

As I was doing this, I found it very funny. Although it is not.

It is not funny.

It is not funny because an innocent human life has been destroyed by a sociopath.

An innocent human life has been destroyed by a sociopath that you, dear reader, could have stopped.

But you didn’t.

You monster.


  1. Sheesh, now I feel like a victim. =D

  2. Interesting piece, and thought-provoking. It brings to mind many things. Certain governments who subjected their population to non-stop propaganda piped directly into homes. The military using blaring rock music as a psychological "torture" aid. Young children in homes being subjected to an onslaught of violent TV shows and music lyrics. I suppose there is an element of truth here - in some ways, maybe most of us are a little guilty in one way or another as avid consumers of violence and smut. Not everyone can just turn it off or get away from it. And, BTW, "Le Freak" has always set my teeth on edge. Excellent choice. ;-)