Friday, March 1, 2013

A Parable: At the Pub

Once upon a time there was a man, sitting at home, who was struck with an idea.

A brilliant idea.

“I…” he thought to himself, “…shall go to my local karaoke bar. And, upon my arrival, I shall sing Aqua. Not merely “Barbie Girl” but every single song I can think of by Aqua. I shall enlist the host to sing the girl’s part, and sing the boy’s part myself. And, whilst singing, I shall impersonate Cookie Monster.”

“Yes,” he thought, “there is nothing wrong, evil or insane about this plan.”

He, and this is where his story differs so widely from that of those of us who had brilliant ideas and let them fly free from our minds like butterflies, un-tethered, then proceeded to invite his idiot friends to his local karaoke bar, following through on the plan he’d devised.

Yes, he invited people.

He went to the bar.

He sang Aqua.

He impersonated Cookie Monster.

It was remarkable.

I am not this man. I was, however, at the bar when he sang, and allow me to tell you this one thing: It was brilliant.


I will never get tired of the hits (hits?) of Aqua being sung by a bored karaoke host and Cookie Monster. Nor, should you ever experience it, would you.

So, yes, this is a true story, and further it’s one with a moral.

The moral: Simply this…

…write down ideas as you have them, and then follow through.

You have no idea which random stranger you might thrill…