Thursday, December 22, 2011


There’s an abandoned sanitarium near my neighborhood. Not in my neighborhood, but near it. I go there to relax.

It isn’t haunted, possessed, or any of the outdated tropes you’d associate with such places, it’s just a building. Abandoned during the seventies, in remarkably good repair considering it’s age, and utterly forgotten by the people who live nearby.

It’s where I keep the people I take from the side of the highway. I visit them, for as long as they last, and when they’re done I find a place to bury them.

You’ll see for yourself, we’re almost there now…


  1. Ack! I was so distracted by the sanitarium, I didn't see it coming :)

  2. Nicely twisted! Great little drabble!

  3. I like the unspoken, but implied horrors of what may be found there. This short story does a good job of setting the reader's imagination delving into dark places.