Thursday, June 16, 2011

Conversations: For Father's Day Weekend

Nineteen Seventy-Eight:

“Honey, are babies supposed to turn blue when they sleep?”

“What? Jesus, NO!!!”

“Wait, please, I was just kidding!”

“Kidding? Son of a bitch, you think that’s funny?”

“Kind of...”

Twenty-five years later:

“Hey, tomorrow’s Father’s Day. Got any plans?”

“I dunno. Grieving, I guess.”




“Three weeks ago.”

“Had I known that?”

“I’d mentioned it.”


“Why? Was it you who killed him?”

“Wait, what? No!”

“Dear lord, you did, didn’t you? You killed my father! You evil bastard!”

...both dialogues benefit from having actually happened. Thanks, Dad, for bringing another weirdo into the world.

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