Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Apprentice

I’ve taken an apprentice.

He’ll be helping out around the place. Tidying, picking up dry cleaning, cooking meals, washing dishes, and so forth.

If I need to go out, he’ll chauffeur me and wait while I run whatever errand I need or, more likely, he’ll run the errand for me.

I’ll be getting him some kind of day job, and cashing his paychecks.

I haven’t decided yet if I want one of his kidneys or not.

This is valuable experience for him.

And, in addition, I’ll be teaching him everything I know about abusing the apprenticeship system for personal gain…


  1. I, too, have several apprentices. They are called "my children."

  2. Poor apprentice. Really like this line: This is valuable experience for him.

    Valuable indeed.

  3. A kidney? I don't think I'd apply for that apprenticeship.

  4. I think ganymeder is right. Look for the new animated classic, "The Sorcerer's New Intern." ;-)