Thursday, May 16, 2013

Flashsense: Smell

About a month after you quit smoking, you get your sense of smell back.

It’s gradual at first, but soon the smells of your world flood back and a whole realm of experience you’d been missing returns.

Because, you realize, the world smells surprisingly good.

Food smells incredible, as does your partner while you’re intimate, flowers are everywhere, and you notice it again and again, as though for the first time.

But what you smell most keenly is cigarette smoke, and it’s the most appetizing scent in the world.


And that’s why I can never quit smoking for good…


  1. When I quit "for good" the cigarette smoke smell finally smelled awful. Thirteen years later, it is a rare cigarette that smells good, but when it does, man, that wave of nostalgia slams me.

  2. Fun, I liked the little twist. I'm not a smoker but I've heard people say both - that after quitting it smells horrible, or that it smells delicious.

  3. I quit 30 years ago. Sometimes, it smells good, sometimes I can't stand it. I wonder why.

  4. An interesting story here and a great job with the Senseless Challenge prompt. I can imagine that would be a challenge - smelling that after giving it up. I'm that way with chocolate. :)