Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fight Bus

To get on the bus, you must first fight one of it's current passengers.

You'll get to choose which one.

Space will be found, and you'll each be provided a knife. We'll bind you both together by the wrist, then watch the two of you slash at one another.

If you lose this fight, none will help you. No ambulance will be called and you will die, unmourned.

If you win, you'll take the place of your slain opponent on the bus.

Only later will you realize there's no way off the bus, until a new prospective passenger chooses you...


  1. I don't think this a dumb idea. I think it's brutal, and maybe a touch distopian.

  2. Distopian is what I was going for, it's just that I can't shake the feeling that in the film version the bus driver is played by Ruteger Hauer....

  3. Not standing at that bus stop. I always knew buses were dangerous places.Distopian for sure, but would make entertaining sport. Of a sort. If you were that way inclined. Which i'm not.

  4. being reworked as a novel, because I can't put a bad idea down!