Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who You Think You Are

You wrote us an essay.

The spelling was atrocious, the grammar a mess, but you assured us it wouldn’t matter, if we’d only look deeper.

Looking deeper was, in fact, your central thesis. That you weren’t myopically seeking attention at everyone else’s expense, but rather possessed immeasurable inner beauty that we’d unjustly judged. You felt it was a lesson we desperately needed to learn.

We needed to stop judging you based on your actions, and see the beautiful person you truly were.

On the inside.

The person you’d never, ever share with anyone, for fear that they might taint it.


  1. Very reflective of the way I suspect a lot of people feel these days. We're all about the actions we see others doing, that we ourselves do, but we scream inside to be seen as we see ourselves.

  2. Any one in particular inspire this piece? I've got a few in mind...

  3. I think everyone who was ever 20 has a person in mind immediately who this applies to...