Friday, January 8, 2016

Random thoughts regarding the Marvel Cinematic Universe...

Something occurred to me the other day…

In the popular film Iron Man II, Justin Hammer of Hammer Industries hires Ivan Vanko, AKA Whiplash, to design and build a fleet of killer robots for military use. Vanko sets these robots on a rampage and Iron Man, with the help of War Machine, must stop them.

In its sequel, Iron Man III, Aldrich Killian and the Advanced Idea Mechanics develop and then attempt to use the experimental drug Extremis to give themselves powers sufficient to defeat Iron Man, failing to do so when he calls in a literal fleet of semi-autonomous Iron Man Armours to fight by his side.

Which raises the question:

Is there a vulture capitalist firm whose business model involves buying up the remains of evil corporations that have tried and failed to kill Iron Man for pennies on the dollar? Because while that seems VERY specific, I feel like enough evil corporations are destroyed by Iron Man over the course of his exploits that in spite of this it would be a fairly successful model. After all, Hammer and Killian are imprisoned or dead by the end of their films, but their multibillion dollar trans-national corporations, their infrastructure, their R&D departments, all of this remains more or less intact, and I can only imagine how their stock price must plunge, between the sudden loss of their CEO and the fact that they’re all over the news as “Evil Corporate Entity Du-jour Tries and Fails to Kill Iron Man!!!”

Some enterprising investor with an eye for tech firms could easily swoop in, buy up what was left of the company that Iron Man had destroyed and publicly humiliated, carve up the remaining infrastructure and resources and repurpose it in ways whereby no one would realize that the company had once been evil.

Perhaps this investor fold them into his own existing tech company, rebranding them along the way.

What was once the Advanced Idea Mechanics becomes just another pert of Stark Industries.

It would make a lot of sense, if you think about it.

Tony Stark lost a lot of contracts when his company stopped developed lethal weaponry, and he’s gotta make his money where he can. And if the destruction of his corporate rivals leaves money on the table, it’s only natural that he’d think to pick that money up…

Iron Man suits ain’t free, after all, and he does go through a lot of ‘em…

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