Thursday, January 22, 2015

Idea for a Murder - A Mental Note

I intend to kidnap a person, it doesn’t really matter who, and imprison him, stripped to the waist, hung upside down, tied to a cross, and cut open at the wrists.

Yes, I know. Again.

This time around, his restraints will act as makeshift tourniquets, slowing the bleeding during his imprisonment.

I intend to keep him completely motionless, powerless, head strapped back, eyes held open Clockwork Orange style, staring ever forward, unable to look away, unable even to blink as he stares.

And then, I will force him to watch the popular television series Hannibal, and as he watches over the course of hours I will, slowly, ever more slowly arrange that his restraints should be loosened, allowing him only slightly more freedom of movement should he choose but, the more he moves, the more he might cause his blood to flow...

He can, should he choose, attempt to free himself, but I suspect that he will remain where he is, both due to his fear at bleeding out and out of a desire to continue watching. Hannibal is, after all, a very good show.

If all goes according to plan, he’ll bleed out while watching the season finale, but before the big reveal.

In this way he’ll die fully invested in the program but never knowing how it ends, wondering as the life slips from him what he’s missing but never able to know for sure.

In this way the death he struggled so mightily to avoid will come, inescapable, his patience amounting in the end to nothing, his life amounting to the same, my victory over him, and the victory of quality television, in his death, finally complete…

This is my design.


  1. Creepy! I would admit that I've never seen the series, but I don't want to label myself as a candidate or anything.

  2. Weird. Just... creepy and darkly humorous and... well, WEIRD.

  3. Of course a true sociopath would keep him alive for the duration of Lost, AND let him see the end. So he'd die with the reveal, confusion, and annoyance :-)