Friday, July 19, 2013

The Awakening of the Middle-Aged One

Beneath city streets I slumber, in my basement apartment, as I have done since before the time of dawn.

Dreaming mad dreams of limitless, unchecked power, I await that moment when the time is right, when the portents are properly aligned, and when my alarm goes off, at which point shall I arise and unleash myself upon this helpless, unsuspecting world.

And when I do awaken, truly all will cower before me, unified in horror at the spectacle so cruelly thrust before their disbelieving eyes.

Because I do not wake up in a good mood.

And I demand my coffee…


  1. Haha! I, too, am not a morning person.

  2. LOL Funny. Let the coffee be served . . .

  3. What rough beast slouches towards the nearest Tim Horton's?

    Nice one!