Thursday, July 4, 2013


Each episode, the ship sailed into port, picked up an assortment of celebrity guests, and took off on another romantic voyage.

However, once at sea, things would inevitably go awry. Horribly awry. Lives would be threatened, indeed lost tragically, passengers would be driven mad and, in the end, no matter how they might try to survive, they would each and all be devoured by the eldritch God-Beasts of old.

And as they were consumed, body and soul, the captain would sing his mad, haunted refrain, also used as the program’s theme...

Lovecraft, exciting and new.

Ancient Gods will devour you…


  1. And it rhymes! How catchy!

    I admit, I thought Lovecraft was boring (heresy, I know!) but I'd totally watch that. :D

  2. Ha! A twist on the Love Boat! Great :-) And you know what? I'm wondering how long it will be, how far reality TV will push the envelope. Every time I think they've gone too far, something weirder or grosser comes along.