Friday, December 2, 2011


At the bottom of the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean, lay a treasure greater than any mankind could ever dream of.

I know. I put it there.

And none who know of it can resist it’s allure.

They send ships and expeditions in search of it, divers scour the bottom of the sea for it, and when they come I’m waiting.

I sink their ships and rend the flesh from their bodies as they attempt to flee the sinking vessels.

I have done this for centuries.

Because I hunger, and my hunger is something for which I won’t apologize.


  1. Who knows what horrors really are lurking down there? This kinda puts me a little in mind of a really good book by John Wyndham called "The Kraken wakes"

  2. Reminds me of what Billy Connolly once said about the sea.. "We're not meant to be in there..!"