Thursday, November 10, 2011

Arts Funding

This week’s story isn’t very good. I’m aware of that.

That’s why I’ve applied for federal arts funding. Because I honestly do believe there’s a kernel of a good idea somewhere in here, and that I just need time to develop it further to find it.

So I applied for a grant, it was approved, and I’ll be spending the next several months taking this piece of flash fiction on a tour of small, northern towns through Alberta and British Columbia. I’ll be reading it in whatever performance venues are made available to me, and afterword there’ll be Q&A sessions where I deal with the issues brought up in the text.

In doing these Q&As, the hope is that I gain new insight into my story, which I can then use to edit or alter it such as is needed to allow my nugget of a good idea to blossom into a better realized tale.

It won’t be easy, I admit. But not everything needs to be easy, does it? Sometimes the fact that a task is daunting makes it that much more satisfying to embrace.

After all, if success always came easily why would we appreciate it?

And I honestly do believe in this piece.

So away I’ll go, to do what needs to be done and, one would hope, eventually return with the best damn flash fiction I can create.

I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes…


  1. Ha, I enjoyed how it unfolded from seeming like nonfiction to increasingly ridiculous fiction.

  2. I think your nugget has already blossomed, I really enjoyed the read.