Thursday, May 14, 2015

The DJ

Last night a DJ saved my life.

And baby, tonight, the DJ’s got us falling in love…

He watches over me, my DJ, though I can never see him, keeping me safe as I go about my business, nudging me in the right direction when I start to veer off course. And, even at my lowest, weakest point, I know that my guardian DJ will be there for me.

Dropping beats, and bass, but never letting me fall however bad things might get. Protecting me, providing comfort, and doing a thousand little things over the course of my day, some that I never even realize he’s done, to make things just a little bit better for me.

We all have a DJ, though everyone’s DJ is different, because every one of us is different from one another, and while mine spins mostly retro indie tunes mixed with a little melodic industrial and EBM, yours might spin old-school hip hop, dubstep or even contemporary club-pop jams by today’s hottest artists. This is to be celebrated, because it takes all different sorts of people to make this world interesting, and all different sorts of DJs to watch over us, each in their own unique way.

Still, though I love and celebrate you, and through you I celebrate the influence of your DJ, I do still think my DJ is best. How could I not? He’s the one who’s always been there for me, after all, and who always will be there…

In the back of my mind, I can hear him now.

Providing the soundtrack of my life…


  1. Interesting! I remember once when I was little being told my guardian angel watched over me and thinking I'd actually bumped into him, but I don't remember him playing any music. :)

  2. Great. As if DJs don't already have an inflated opinion of themselves.... ;-)

    Nice work.

  3. Guardian DJs! I like the idea.