Thursday, April 10, 2014

...every child must play.

I have no kids, as my actions have demonstrated time and time again.

I do, however, make a very good cool uncle.

A little irresponsibility, after all, is important to the development of a well-rounded, fully-formed person, and parents overprotect children, so it’s the job of every cool uncle to break kids out of their parentally imposed comfort zones.

In short: I do not apologize for buying your four year old a Chucky doll and leaving it in his room while he slept.

When the nightmares finally end, the love of classic horror films it imparts will last a lifetime…


  1. Yes, this works. Kids are way too overprotected these days.

  2. Or it might drive them away from horror!

  3. "the love of classic horror films it imparts will last a lifetime…"... or possibly be present at the end of several lifetimes.

  4. Not sure if this is a cool uncle...or a crazy uncle...I do remember that I had a Raggedy Ann doll which I absolutely hated and was scared of.