Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekly Prompt Story: Church

The Funeral
By Christopher Munroe

Walks beside me.

Walks on by.

Gets me to the church on time.

Or, at least, used to.

Now I’m terrified, I’m foggy, and my trust in God and man is strained nearly to the breaking point.

As the box is lowered into the ground, I can barely make out the words as they’re spoken, they echo and distort somewhere between my ears and my brain.

Gone in a moment, but never forgotten. The lessons learned and time spent were never wasted, the memories will never be anything less than cherished.

A modern love.

A lifetime.

Not nearly long enough.

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  1. Hey, know this one was not your usual style (and I enjoy reading / listening to all your work) but it really struck me. Enough so if I was only going to leave one comment, it would be here.