Monday, September 12, 2011

You and my Lamp (based on a prompt from 100 Word Stories)

It's the beginning of the week, so once again time for my prompt driven drabble! Here's the link:

...and here's the story!

You and my Lamp

By Christopher Munroe

After closing night, the theater didn’t need it.

Seven foot statues of actors are pretty useless once the show’s done, and heavy to boot.

I, on the other hand, always wanted an enormous statue of myself. The opportunity was too good to pass up.

I worried what you guys’d say when I brought it home, but you both loved it. I didn’t realize how much until I returned from work the next day.

You’d turned it’s eyes into lamps.

Now it stares light down upon me from behind the couch as I read.

The best part is: This story’s true.

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