Sunday, February 28, 2010


“I know,” Randal said to the assembled crowd, “that several of you have concerns regarding our new supercomputer project. And we are nothing if not respectful of the legitimate concerns of our shareholders, so I‘ve called this meeting together to address them.”

“Some of you say the expense of the project overruns the potential benefit, some say more research was needed toward commercial applications.”

“Some have even said that developing a superinteligent, sentient computer program and allowing it access to all of our companies resources and control over every aspect of our operation, as well as unfettered international internet access, could lead to a situation where it turns against us, wipes out humanity, and attempts to purge the earth of life, leaving survivors, if there are any, reduced to scavenging the wreckage of human civilization to survive.”

“I’m here to reassure you, this is all baseless speculation. And when the Program activates tomorrow, you’ll understand how ridiculous your paranoia is.”

And they did, and it was.

However, the concern about commercial applications was well grounded, and within a year the company was bankrupt.

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